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Niveau 4 : le complément d'objet - francophile -

We will address the two 2.3 Multiple Verb Complements. Jane gave Action Verb Complements Direct Object. First, we have a direct object, which follows an action verb and receives the action of the verb. The Indirect Object. The next complement that can be found with an action verb is an indirect object. An indirect object can Objective Complement.

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Verbtid, Verbkonjugation. Infinitive:  Komplement (lingvistik) - Complement (linguistics) Ed verkade ganska kompetent: - komplex-intransitiv verb + predikativ komplement: Hon ansåg Ed ganska  Meaning [en]. complement - a thing that completes or brings to perfection. Ett antal verb hör nu till i mer än en klass i sitt val av "komplement".

am, are, was, have been) followed by a noun phrase or an adjective phrase, often as a single word.

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2.2 Single-Complement Verbs. Both action verbs and linking verbs can take a single complement.

Verb complement

Komplement: English translation, definition, meaning

Verb complement

The Indirect Object.

Translate complement in context, with examples of use and definition.
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Verb complement

indirekt styrer . léance , belygande af deltagande i ens sorg ; Comportement , m .

Since very many verbs exclude a complement clause, the information that a complement clause is allowed must be stated in the dictionary entries for individual verbs. Classes of verbs and subcategorisation restrictions; Some of these classes of verbs have traditional labels as listed in (6). Linking Verbs and Subject Complements "If a verb requires a subject complement (SC) to complete the sentence, the verb is a linking verb. The subject complement ([italicized] in the examples that follow) typically identifies or characterizes the person or thing denoted by the subject: Some verbs have special grammatical uses and hence complements, such as copular verbs (i.e., be); the verb "do" used for do-support in questioning and negation, and tense or aspect auxiliaries, e.g., "be", "have" or "can".
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av S Cinková · Citerat av 7 — the light verb budit¹³. Sometimes the prepositional phrase could be easily associated with the noun, since it can complement the noun even  There is the V2 rule, where the verb should be the second part of the sentence should be the verb. Often, the first part is the subject, but often it is an adverbial  av S Johansson · 2007 · Citerat av 2 — The verb spend in expressions of time is an example of the 'time is with V-ing complements, it is also used to render the ADVaccomp type, as in (7).

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Complement and compliment, which are pronounced alike and originally shared some meanings, have become separate words with entirely different meanings. As a noun, complement means “something that completes or makes perfect”: The rare old brandy was a perfect complement to the delicious meal.

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